Springhill Farm

Springhill Farm 2013

Springhill Farm returns for the 2013 game. A small estate farm comprising of 80 acres (32 ha) of prime farm land in a landscape of rolling hills and tight, twisting roads. You must decide between larger machinery for great output, or smaller machinery for maneuverability. 

There are two farm yards. The main farm yard is the home of the dairy and arable enterprises, while a small farm to the south is the host to the chicken and lamb production. To the west, there is an anaerobic digester plant which helps meet the energy demands of the adjoining village. 

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic

29 thoughts on “Springhill Farm

  1. There is one problem with the milk truck at the dairy it hits a post under the awning. Just for your info.

  2. It’s just the best Map which has been publicly made​​. Super good job, and that’s so great that it is free of errors. So keep on with the good work, we are more who appreciates that. Best Regards Klaus

  3. Game crashes on Mac OSX 10.8.2. Leaving Farm House headed west on the road as I pass the first building on the right game crashes.

  4. Did some troubleshooting. The game only crashes on Hardware Profile set on Very High.
    On other settings works great.

  5. Never mind, still crashing near the water mill. I can get to the mill walking backwards and looking at the ground. I can look at the mill itself toward the lake, but when I look toward the waterfall from the mill – game crashes. The problem is with graphics near waterfall.

  6. When i reach 4 hours of game time on this map save the game and abort then try yo get back in the savegame it won’t load it doesn’t crash or anything it just doesn’t load. Can someone tell me whats wrong?

      • Oh i have also found out that it was a mod that was crashing the game it was the New Holland Clayson by the fs-uk modteam when i would buy it and leave the game and try to get back into the springhill savegame it wouldn’t load.

  7. ‘NI Modding’ has and is putting out mod after mod of such great quality that I’d be stating the obvious when I say they outclass any other mods out there, and at the forefront is their Springhill Farm map. I simply love this map, and find myself coming back to it time after time. So huge thanks guys for all your hard work.

    I just had to say that before I asked the question I came here to ask. hehe
    I’d be curious to find out where you’d recommend to stack our round bales of hay and straw? I’ve been using the small open area just south of the gas shed on the main farm. Are there any other areas you guys recommend using? I’d also be curious to see how many cows and sheep people are looking after with what kind of field crop ratios for feed vs money crops?

      • any of fixing the game crash at mill my laptop must not be able to handle the graphics of waterfall i really like that part of map in 2011
        P.S. did you get the name from springhill in Moneymore Tyrone

      • Yep that’s where the name came from. The problem is a problem with your graphics card. You would need to upgrade it

  8. I bet wellbrook came from wellbrook beetling mill I live near there the reason I like your mods so much is because they are very good plus I can relate back to my farm in real life with them I like that. I don’t have a Clue about graphic cards and all I can live without that part of springhill thanks anyway

  9. awesome map and a job well done !!! ive been looking for a map that reflects the farms around were i live, and springhill matches 100% , many many thanks you guys.

  10. hi people
    i was wondering how you get dung as I bought 2000 cows and there was no dung in my pit
    where do i go for it?

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