Grass save game for Springhill

We have created an all grass save game for Springhill. This is ideal for all the “grassmen”
out there.

To install: extract the contents of the zip file. Place these contents within one of the save games in your documents

E.g.: documents/my games/farmingsimulator2013/savegame1/ *place contents in here* This will replace what is there already, but it will give you a save game with 80 acres of grass.

Have fun!

Download link: click here

6 thoughts on “Grass save game for Springhill

  1. when i try to play this map it works for about 1min then it comes up giants software has stop working and in the log file it says Error: Failed to create render texture. Status: 36061

    why is this and what do i have to do to fix it??

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