JF FH 1450 Forage Harvester

JF FH 1450 Forage Harvester

JF launched their first side mounted harvester in 1960, at a time when the main feed source on farms was hay. As times changed, side mounted forage harvesters such as the 1450 and their Taarup counterparts became very popular on grassland farms in the 1960s and 70s. Indeed many of these machines are still in use today, thanks to their simplicity and tough design. 

Mod Features 

The JF FH1450 is capable of cutting grass and lifting mown grass. Other crops such as barley, wheat and rape can be cut as wholecrop. Wholecrop output is chaff, while the user can choose between grass and chaff output when harvesting grass (press Z)

Cutting width: 4ft 9″ (1.45m)
Recommended hp requirement: 60hp+
1:1 scale

Handy hints and tips

Stand beside the PTO to attach it to the tractor: Press Q
To attach the harvester PTO to the main frame, stand beside it: Press R
Turn on: Press B
Switch output fruit between grass and chaff (grass crop only): Z
Adjust the frame width for larger tractors: Press Z and X

Recommended Trailers – Silage Trailer Pack by NI Modding (smaller trailers in pack), Kverneland UN7000 by NI Modding and Vossakasso Forage Boxes by NI Modding.

You need to use the Universal Attachable PTO & Hydraulic Hose from the FS-UK Modteam for the PTO to work right! Click here

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic

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