Ifor Williams Trailers

Ifor Williams Trailers

for Williams Trailers Ltd have been manufacturing trailers since 1958. Based in Denbighshire, Wales, they have manufactured over half a million trailers, becoming a very popular and common sight throughout the UK and Ireland. Their range focuses on trailers up to 3500 kg gross weight, which includes livestock trailers, builders trailers, horse boxes, tipper trailers, transporter trailers and general purpose trailers.

Mod Features 

Use these trailers to transport machinery around your farm. They can also transport bales, wool/mission pallets cannot be locked securely to the trailer, but they do sit reasonably well on the trailers, particularly if the sides are up.

Ifor Williams LM126: 3.6m (11’9″) x 2m (6’5″)
Ifor Williams LM186: 5.5m (17’11″) x 2m (6’5″)
Both 1:1 Scale

Handy hints and tips

To secure your load press O

To toggle the side crates and ramps, stand beside the trailer:
Press X: Install Ramp
Press O: Lower Rear Crate
Press V: Lower Side Crates
Press C: Remove Crates
For further help on this, see this video

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic

2 thoughts on “Ifor Williams Trailers

  1. brilliant mod but it could be made better if it would lock wool pallets like it dose vehicles because they just wont stay which ever way I put them on

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