Kverneland Taarup Mower Pack


Kverneland Taarup Mower Pack

A selection of mowers of various shapes and sizes from the Kverneland Group

Mod Features

The pack contains the following mowers:

Kverneland Taarup 4028 
– 9ft Mower Conditioner
– 70hp PTO power requirement
– Standard and Auto Swather editions

Kverneland Taarup KD240 
– 8ft Drum Mower
– 70hp PTO power requirement
– Front and Rear editions

Taarup 3532F 
– 10ft front mounted Mower Conditioner
– 85hp PTO power requirement

Taarup 5090 
– 30ft Rear mounted butterfly mower conditioner
– 200hp PTO power requirement
– Selectable Auto Swathers

Handy hints and tips 

  • Stand beside the PTO and press Q to attach
  • Stand at the rear of the 3532F, 4028 and 5090 and press O to toggle the conditioner
  • Stand beside the KD240F, 4028 and 3532F and press X to toggle transport and field position
  • Switching off the conditioner disables the auto swathers
  • The front KD240 and 3532F are lifted and lowered using the “,” key. This allows the rear mower to be selected and still allow the front mower to be lifted.
  • Make sure you are using the PTO/Hydraulic attach mod from FS-UK Modteam
  • Watch the video for further help on functions click here
  • Ensure your game is fully up to date with the latest patch or these mods will not work
  • Use the FS-UK Modteam’s Universal Attachable PTO & Hydraulic Hose mod for best results click here
  • Stand beside the PTO to attach by pressing Q

Make sure you have updated your game to the latest patch! Patch available here

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic

5 thoughts on “Kverneland Taarup Mower Pack

  1. Just want to say a BIG thank you for all your mods released so far. In my opinion you’re one of the very best modding teams on ls 13 so far. I realy enjoy your mods! Again thanks a lot and greatings from Germany 😉

    With kind regards


  2. This is a great mod
    It works on my mac in single player but not in multiplayer
    The rest of your mods bar the albutt buckets work in single but not in multiplayer
    Can you Help me with This problem

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