New member for NI Modding

NI Modding are proud to announce a new member to the team. The team, which has been made up with members from Northern Ireland welcome Norway’s Knut A.

Knut brings vast experience to the team and having previously worked with NI Modding in the past on mods such as the Vossakasso Forage Boxes and Ford Forces,which left the decision to recruit him an easy one.

Henly20 from NI Modding stated “The injection of Continental European ideas to the predominantly Northern Irish team will bring diversity to the team’s future mods and hopefully widen the appeal of our work.”

9 thoughts on “New member for NI Modding

  1. This is great news for both us the community who receives the brilliant mods you guys produce. But also for yourselves as there’s another person there to take their share of the workload :p I love the fact that all your mods are based on machinery found on Northern Ireland farms as I’m form there myself, and find you always do a great job. I can’t wait to see how you interpret and make mods found in others parts of Europe. Mainly Norway I presume :p

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