Where are we?

NI Modding is a year old. It was at the end of October 2012 that the team was formed, and what a year it has been. We’ve released 23 mod packs to date. Some of these packs consist of up to 6 or 8 individual models. Between all of these mod packs we’ve received over a million downloads and we must thank you for downloading our mods.

We get loads of emails and messages from people who have downloaded our mods and enjoy them. Knowing that people like the work we are doing encourages us to work harder and make new mods. On the other hand there is a minority of people who complain about our work, they tell us that our mods don’t work in their games; but of course they haven’t read the warnings to update to the latest game patch or to remove other mods that may be causing conflict. Dare it be their own fault!!

Where have we been at?

Releasing mods at an average rate of over two mod packs a month was a hectic schedule. We decided to have a break over the summer to concentrate on life away from Farming Simulator. We’ve tried a few new games, Arma 3 looks interesting, and of course arguably the game of the year aka GTA Five is another great game. Coming back to Farming Sim, the Titanium DLC was a welcome add on to the game and is arguably the best official DLC add on for the 2013 game so far. Giants are certainly beginning to “up their game” in terms of model detailing and overall quality. Well done Giants.

Playing Farming Simulator “properly”

It is a little known fact that the likes of NI Modding who make mods for Farming Sim actually don’t get a chance play the game and rarely experience the game to its full extent. We recently rented a dedicated server for the game and started playing a full game with a set amount of mods. It’s been great to put up 40 and 50 hrs on a save game for once – usually its a 10 minute game to test a mod, then out of the game to make tweaks and changes. The dedicated server certainly is a nice way to play the game and means that lag can be virtually eradicated from the game.

We found that the best value servers for Farming Sim are found here. Click on games at the top of the screen and then use the search box to find Farming Simulator 2013. By clicking our link and signing up to a server through it, you can help us reduce our own game server cost. The best thing is it won’t cost you anymore.

The future

We are certain that you will be curious to know what mods we are planning for the future. We recently showed you the Krone Swadro rake in a WIP here and intend to add to the rake family. We have also been working on a tractor mod pack that we hope to show to you in the near future. As well as this, we have listened to the people with poor quality computers who wish to play our Springhill Map but can’t get past the dreaded water mill without their computer crashing. We have been working on an enlarged version of Springhil which is nearly double the size of the original map with some larger fields and another farm yard. We have aimed to retain the compact feel of the map, but the extension will allow larger machinery to work a bit more comfortably.

In the meantime, sit tight and keep an eye on our website for updates. We would like to thank everybody for their support over the last 12 months and look forward to another 12 months of modding for Farming Simulator 2013.

17 thoughts on “Where are we?

  1. Great work guys i have some mods in use and they are great so keep up the good work thanks guys for all your work and affort

  2. Great guys looking forward to seeing some more of your great mods and wish yous all the best from LG Farms…

  3. Delighted to hear ye will be actively releasing more mods again, Most of the mods I regularly use are NI modding and haven’t once had a problem! Any chance of a nice MF 390/390T or a 100 series mod pack to rival your excellent Ford thousand series pack?

  4. Have you seen some of the edits people are doing of springhill. You guys should bring out the new one with high detail and have you seen the good rows for grass and straw in maps like giants
    contest luxfarm profonde it makes silage so much better and easier. Springhill is the best map ever no matter how many maps i download i always go back to springhill, and speaking with respect i think the new version will be better

  5. I’m so pleased you have all had a good summer and had a chance to actually use the great mods you produce.

    Whenever we go mod hunting (almost daily) we always look to see if NI_Modding have released anything first. Bob and I have completed more than 1000 hours on Springhill now and still love every second of trundling around those tight lanes and having to drive the vehicles ourselves due to the shape of the fields (no hired workers or courseplay allowed on our map!)
    When Bob recovers from his recent bout of hospitalization I’m sure he’ll love the new version just as much as the original.

    Thank you all for the huge amount of work and effort you, obviously, put in to FS and your mods it really makes a difference to our game play and I can’t imagine Bob would still be playing the game if it wasn’t for the excellent teams like yourselves that do this for us all.

    I hope you all have the very best of Christmas’s and the new year brings you everything you could wish for yourselves.


  6. You guys do a great job. The mods you make are just looking fantastic and always function as you expect it to do. The gear you make is always usefull adn I use them almost every games session. If I have to make haybales or just have to transport some manure your equipment is in use. So I want to thank you all for the good work and I want to say that I respect you and that you inspired me to make my own mods (it isn’t going fast but it goes) so thank you again for all that is and all that will come.

  7. Great job this year gents. I didn’t realize you had only been around for the one year. That’s impressive!! I always look forward to your work and consider you guys the best mod team out there. Take your time and enjoy life and we’ll see the mods when they come. Cheers!!!!

  8. I’m guessing/hoping that this unanounced tractor pack is the basildon blues ford’s i havn’t forgotten yet 🙂 Keep up the epic work NI looking forward to future mod’s.

  9. Michael said it – I’ve only been playing FS for about six months and although I have tried many other maps (or at least those my oldish laptop can cope with!) I always come back to my first Springhill save game. And yes, your mods are up there with the best, I grew up working after school and at weekends on a farm where we had Ford 4000’s, a 5000, a 3000 and a Kidd double chop harvester, I’m driving my wife mad reliving those good old days in the 70’s and 80’s. Really looking forward to Springhill Mk2!

  10. You guys have great mods and a great map. I love the high dietail and I can tell that you guys actually spend time on your mods. Keep up the good work!

  11. these mods are the best i ever seen around and i nearly only use ni mods. i like to see mods that i would see every day here in ireland. the mods are the best keep up the savage work lads

  12. You guys are the best, your mods are the best out there, can’t wait to see what you bring out in the future

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