Krone Swadro Rakes


Krone Swadro Rake Pack

Krone are widely known for their farm machinery and are no strangers to the Farming Simulator game; with a number of their machines present in the game. Until now, we have created mods for mowing grass, harvesting grass, and transporting grass. We now present to you our first rakes for Farming Simulator. 


There are two rakes in this pack:

  • Swadro 395 single rotor
  • Swadro 900 twin rotor

Mod Features

  • Capable of working with straw as well as grass
  • Can be used to combine swathes or row up spread grass
  • Twin rotor rake features a steering axle for greater maneuverability
  • Both fold up neatly for transport

Hints and tips 

  • Press X to fold and unfold the rakes
  • Stand beside the PTO and press Q to attach before using the rake
  • Press J and K to operate the rotors on the Swadro 900 individually


Make sure you have updated your game to the latest patch! Patch available here

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic


1 thought on “Krone Swadro Rakes

  1. Thank you once again for another great mod, you guys have to be one of (if not thee) best mod teams in the world.

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