More Force conversions

What do you get if you bolt two Ford 5000s together? Answer, a Doe 150. Created by Essex Ford tractor dealer Ernest Doe the 150 combined a pair of 5000 skid units to create a 150hp articulated beast. Larger farmers required a larger tractor for heavy tillage work and the Doe 150 filled that niche perfectly. This of course was a follow on to the Doe Dual Drive or Triple D as is was known as, aka two Super Majors bolted together.

The Doe 150 looks at home with a set of Ransome Ploughs from the FS-UK Modteam.

Italian company Mailam created tracked versions of the Ford Force tractors in the form of a Mailam 5001 crawler. As the name would suggest, they took the 5000 skid unit and it’s engine as the basis for the machine. A larger 115hp 6 cylinder engine was also used in some models, however, our model is the 4 cylinder version. Only a handful of these machines ever reached the UK making them an extremely rare and valuable machine.

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