It has been quite a while since we last posted anything on our website and social media. During that time we have witnessed the release of fifth edition in the Farming Simulator series – Farming Simulator 15. Many of you have been messaging us to see if we are working on new mods for the new game and if we are converting old favorites to be compatible with FS 15.

However, it has been very difficult year for NI Modding. It is with regret that we must inform the Farming Simulator community of the death of our member Henly20. This hit us very hard and has been difficult to come to terms with. You will appreciate our difficultly when we say it is 12 months since he died. Henly20 was Alwyn’s brother, and as they were very close and enjoyed modding for Farming Simulator together, Alwyn has found it difficult to look near FS and has decided to take a backseat.

Henly20 was the mastermind behind NI Modding and while he chose not post openly on Farming Simulator discussion forums, behind the scenes he helped a lot of people with their Farming Simulator modding, from novice modders to other mod teams. He was even approached by the makers of the Pro Farm DLC for Farming Simulator 2011 with a job opportunity, but refused the opportunity to delve into the limelight.

We do not wish to go into great detail regarding these events, and we hope that you will respect our wishes. We also hope that you can appreciate that it has been very hard for the remaining members of the team to look at Farming Simulator without our valued friend. We’ll be in touch soon.

Kind Regards,

NI Modding


1 thought on “Announcement

  1. Dear Ni-modding It is with great regret that we have lost Henly20 and at this moment in time I would like to send my condolences to Alwin and his family and I hope that other parts of the Ni-modding team may come together again some day and do some modding again but in memory of henly20.

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