Team Update

In October 2012, NI Modding was formed. We have had considerable success making a vast number of popular mods, including the Ford Force tractors, Kane trailers, Kverneland Mowers and Springhill Farm map

Any mod team requires good team work, careful planning and attention to detail. Much of our success has been down to working with other mod teams, thus increasing efficiency. Due to working closer with EuroDZN on many projects, as well as recent change of circumstances, we have decided to merge both EuroDZN and NI Modding into one team. This team will be known as NI Modding. The mods released previously by both teams will become property of the new team and will still be subject to the Creative Commons Licences under which they were released.

We would like to thank our fans for all their support over the years and hope that this support will continue in the future. We will be converting both EuroDZN and NI Modding mods from 2013 to 2015 and would ask for your patience while we do this. In the meantime, you can keep up to date by visiting our website, our Facebook and Twitter


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