Massey Ferguson 300

We previously posted a teaser of our Massey Ferguson 300 series tractor in our Christmas message. As work continues on this mod, we present you with a further teaser in the form of a Massey Ferguson sales leaflet. Further information will follow soon.



1 thought on “Massey Ferguson 300

  1. This looks really nice ! 🙂
    I you guys ever considered maybe doing the 2000 series from the 70’s and 80’s as well?

    Fx. 2620, 2625, 2640, 2645, 2675, 2680, 2685, 2705, 2720, 2725, 2745, 2770, 2775, 2800 & 2805.

    Not the American models, but the European ones. Just some of them. I ahven’t seen them in FS ever. It could be really awesome to see some of those ingame, sometime.:)

    PS. Keep up the amazing work you guys do! 🙂

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