MF 398 HiLine

The 398 is our first model to feature the MF 300 Series “HiLine+” cab. This cab was available on 375, 390, 390T, 398 and 399 models and was mounted on the tractors approximately 115mm (4.5inches) higher than the LoProfile+ variant. This allowed for a near flat floor in the cab for added comfort. According to the December 1989 MF price list, the HiLine cab added £600 to the overall cost of the tractor.

Other improvements included a higher specification seat, more sound proofing and the option of Air Conditioning. A key visual difference is that the bonnet is also raised in line with the cab giving a taller front grille.

While the 398 only had 3hp more than the 390T, it benefited from a hydraulic assistor ram as standard, “hook type” linkage arms and a wider track width. In 1989, the list price for a 398 HiLine 4wd was £22,832 – £582 more than the equivalent 390T.


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