MF 300 “Hard Point Extension” ideas

Most products that we buy can be customised with various options which personalise or improve usability. The MF 300 series was no stranger to this idea with a vast range of optional extras, our latest “brochure” shows some of the extras that could be specified.

This is now possible in Farming Simulator 2015 thanks to the “Hard Point Extension” mod by Xentro, it it is possible to add various objects to a mod via a placeable workshop and service trailer. We would like to introduce this feature to the MF 300 series which will allow users to customise their MF 300 tractor to their needs. Some examples of optional equipment (hardpoint objects) that we are working on are as follows:

  • Front weights
  • Loader/loader brackets
  • Narrow “care” wheels
  • Toolbox

If you have any suggestions for hard point objects, please comment below. For more information on the Hard Point Extension mod by Xentro visit


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