Springhill Valley Video

Here’s a video for Springhill Valley showing some of the new land that has been added as well as the revisions to the existing farms


WIP Springhill Valley

At first there was Springhill Farm, a small estate farm consisting of roughly 80 acres of small to medium sized fields, ideal for smaller machinery. Following the success of this map, we have decided to make a larger version of the map.

Introducing Springhill Valley

Springhill Valley is an extension to Springhill Farm, featuring new farm yard layouts and larger fields, which more than doubles the size of the original Springhill Farm map from 80 acres to 190 acres (78 hectares). While the compact theme from the old map is retained, there is now scope to use larger machinery.

An important update is the removal of the water mill which proved problematic for users with poor quality computers. These users need worry no more. We have also added compatibility for the excellent Zunhammer slurry tanker at the slurry tanks.

The following pictures show only a small selection of the new fields and landscape available.

The original Dairy and Arable farm is solely Dairy focused now

The new dedicated Arable Farm



Remember, this is still Work in Progress; a release date has not been confirmed yet. Keep an eye on our website and twitter feed for updates