Ford Conversions Update

It is fair to say that we are getting close to releasing the Ford Force Conversions. However, before we wave goodbye to them we have decided to add a few extra little bits.

Flotation Tyres

Flotation tyres are used by farmers to reduce soil compaction. We’ve added a beefy set of tyres for use on the County 754, 944 and 1124. Simply park your tractor beside the wheel trailer and press the “,” key and the tyres are changed faster than a Formula 1 pit crew can manage.

The standard tyres are then placed in the trailer which can be easily moved around at your convenience.

Dual Tyres

Just like the Flotation tyres, these can be used on the Country tractors, but also with the Doe D150, as shown in the pictures.

Bailey Low Loader trailer

The Bailey low loader trailer is an ideal trailer for transporting the Mailam 5001 crawler, or indeed combine headers and machinery. The trailer folds down to the ground making loading easy. Ramps can be fitted by pressing X while standing beside the front of the trailer.

The trailer then lifts for quick and easy road transportation. No problem Ploughmaster 75

Release Info

No release date is planned as yet. However, keep an eye on our website for release info

More Force conversions

What do you get if you bolt two Ford 5000s together? Answer, a Doe 150. Created by Essex Ford tractor dealer Ernest Doe the 150 combined a pair of 5000 skid units to create a 150hp articulated beast. Larger farmers required a larger tractor for heavy tillage work and the Doe 150 filled that niche perfectly. This of course was a follow on to the Doe Dual Drive or Triple D as is was known as, aka two Super Majors bolted together.

The Doe 150 looks at home with a set of Ransome Ploughs from the FS-UK Modteam.

Italian company Mailam created tracked versions of the Ford Force tractors in the form of a Mailam 5001 crawler. As the name would suggest, they took the 5000 skid unit and it’s engine as the basis for the machine. A larger 115hp 6 cylinder engine was also used in some models, however, our model is the 4 cylinder version. Only a handful of these machines ever reached the UK making them an extremely rare and valuable machine.

Roadless Ploughmaster 75

We have shown three models that we are working on from County Commercial Cars in the form of the 754, 944 and 1124. It is now time to look at one of the other companies that made four wheel drive tractor conversions.

Roadless Traction Ltd made tracked machines for use by the army. In 1953 they began making 4wd conversions of mainly Ford tractors until the 1980s, when like County they ceased production when most tractor manufacturers had started making 4wd an in house option for their tractors.

The Ploughmaster 75 is essentially a Ford 5000 skid unit with a 4wd unit and a Duncan cab. 


County 754 and 944

Back in the 1960s and 70s, four wheel drive tractors were not common. Most manufacturers did not offer 4wd versions of their tractors. Independent companies such as County and Roadless made conversions of mainstream 2wd tractors aimed users requiring high traction and pulling ability. The success of these early conversions paved the way for tractor manufacturers to offer 4wd as an “in house” option. Today the majority of tractors are 4wd, with 2wd versions of anything over 60hp being very uncommon.

County 754

Based on the Ford 5000, the 754 has the same 75hp engine and four equal sized wheels. Given the poor turning circle, the 754 was fitted with a Duncan cab from Alexander Duncan of Aberdeen, Scotland rather than the standard Ford cab.

County 944

They didn’t all come with cabs, the 94hp 944 is the 4wd cousin of the Ford 7000, featuring the distinctive elevated air precleaner bowl.

In terms of game play, these tractors will carry the same features as the Ford Force series of tractors that they are based on. Release dates are yet to be confirmed – stay tuned.