MF 362/365

When it came to choosing a tractor from the 300 series at around 60hp, there were two options available – the 362 and 365. While both models featured the same Perkins A4.236 engine producing 62hp, they were very different. Compared to the 365, the 362 featured a shorter wheelbase by 130mm and was 370kg-471kg lighter depending on the model.

We have produced two very different versions, a 362 4wd and a 365 2wd platform model. The “brochures” below provide some more information on the models.



MF 390 Footstep Model

Massey Ferguson produced footstep models of the 300 series as well as the cabbed variants. They were mainly shipped to developing countries. as well as countries with a warm climate. Indeed, Massey Ferguson still produce brand new 300 series tractors for African and Middle Eastern countries to this day, a testament to the quality design of the 300 series.

MF 300 series – first look in game

In our latest update for our MF300 series project we present to you a short video showing the tractors in the game. It is worth noting that the tractors are in an early development stage and will change in the final version that we will release. We have included some FS2013 footage of our older MF models to illustrate the development of our range of MF tractors for Farming Simulator.

MF 300 “Hard Point Extension” ideas

Most products that we buy can be customised with various options which personalise or improve usability. The MF 300 series was no stranger to this idea with a vast range of optional extras, our latest “brochure” shows some of the extras that could be specified.

This is now possible in Farming Simulator 2015 thanks to the “Hard Point Extension” mod by Xentro, it it is possible to add various objects to a mod via a placeable workshop and service trailer. We would like to introduce this feature to the MF 300 series which will allow users to customise their MF 300 tractor to their needs. Some examples of optional equipment (hardpoint objects) that we are working on are as follows:

  • Front weights
  • Loader/loader brackets
  • Narrow “care” wheels
  • Toolbox

If you have any suggestions for hard point objects, please comment below. For more information on the Hard Point Extension mod by Xentro visit

MF 398 HiLine

The 398 is our first model to feature the MF 300 Series “HiLine+” cab. This cab was available on 375, 390, 390T, 398 and 399 models and was mounted on the tractors approximately 115mm (4.5inches) higher than the LoProfile+ variant. This allowed for a near flat floor in the cab for added comfort. According to the December 1989 MF price list, the HiLine cab added £600 to the overall cost of the tractor.

Other improvements included a higher specification seat, more sound proofing and the option of Air Conditioning. A key visual difference is that the bonnet is also raised in line with the cab giving a taller front grille.

While the 398 only had 3hp more than the 390T, it benefited from a hydraulic assistor ram as standard, “hook type” linkage arms and a wider track width. In 1989, the list price for a 398 HiLine 4wd was £22,832 – £582 more than the equivalent 390T.