Round Bale Mod

The Round Bale Mod 

4ft (1.25m) bales are more common in the UK and Ireland compared to the 6ft round bales present in Farming Simulator 2013. This modpack contains a McHale F550 fixed chamber round baler which produces a 4ft bale. To complement this, the pack also contains a selection of bale handling equipment

Mod Features 

The Round Bale Mod consists of the following:

– McHale F550 Fixed Chamber Round Baler
– Fleming Single and Double Bale Lifters
– Fleming Bale Spike for Frontloader, Telehandler and Weidemann
– Johnston Bale Trailer
– Nugent Bale Spike for 3 point linkage
– Ritchie Multi Bale Handler for Frontloader, Telehandler and Weidemann
– Six Bale Home Made Trailer

Useful hints and tips 

– O locks on the bales on Flemings and Trailers
– Stand beside the rear ladder on Johnston Trailer and press O to toggle ladder
– Use Z and X to move the Ritchie grab
– Before the McHale F550 will function, you must stand beside the PTO and attach

– It is possible to attach the Nugent Spike and the 6 Bale Trailer on the same tractor linkage
– Spikes and Ritchie can be used with other bale types
– We recommend using the PTO/Hydraulic attach mod from FS-UK Modteam

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic