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Welcome to the NI Modding website. We are a small team consisting – alwyn, henly20, knut, peterj, rh and sam123. We enjoy making and releasing mods for Farming Simulator. Feel free to browse our site to see what we have released and what we currently have as Work in Progress (WIP)

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MF 810 Loader

We previously showed our MF 880 loader for the 300 series range. The 880 was part of the 800 series loader range which consisted of the 875, 880S, 880, 885E and 888. Massey Ferguson updated this range in the early nineties (circa 1993/4) with the new 800 series. The range was much more compact and featured the 810, 815, 820 and 825. The 820 loader essentially replaced the 880 and the main changes were the addition of the “euro” quick attach system as standard and slight changes to lift capacity.

This time we have chosen the baby in the range; the 810. It was designed for smaller tractors and is essentially the replacement for the 875 which in turn was the replacement for the original MF80 loader. The 810 is ideal for the 362 as shown in the brochure below.

MF 399

At the top of the 300 series range was the the 399. This was the only 6 cylinder tractor, with a 104 DIN hp Perkins 1000 series engine. The 399 could only be specified with the Hiline+ cab. The brochure below provides more information on this model.