Welcome to NI Modding

Welcome to the NI Modding website. We are a small team consisting – alwyn, henly20, knut, peterj, rh and sam123. We enjoy making and releasing mods for Farming Simulator. Feel free to browse our site to see what we have released and what we currently have as Work in Progress (WIP)

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17 thoughts on “Welcome to NI Modding

  1. Will you guys be joining as moddingq partners to fs-uk, really like the work your doing 🙂

  2. Great mods as always, can’t wait for the Fords and the Kidd Double chop.

    Out of interest, how easy is it for a novice to convert an FS 11 mod to FS 13 – what software do you need and what sort of details in LUA files etc do you change or adjust?

  3. Congrats on a neat endeavor. Nice looking site! Can’t wait to see what the future has to hold. Speaking of FS2011 to FS2013 conversions. Where’s do you find the list of system calls for the kernel?

  4. Hi lads, its great to see that the best mods for F.S are coming from our backyard. keep up the good work and i hope to meets you some day.

    Paul Lurgan Co.Armagh

  5. Hello Fella’s….I stumbled upon your Springhill map which in turn brought me to your web-site. I’ve only been using Farm Simulator for a little over a month now and must admit, I didn’t think it could get any better…..until I found you guys!!!! (smile) I know there is a LOT of time and energy that goes into producing such great maps and mods…..and MANY Thanks to you & your team!!!!! Many Best Wishes to all!!!

    Steve R.

  6. Hi,

    Great mods as always. I was wondering will the Fords be making an appearance in FS13?

    Kind Regards


  7. I really enjoy your mods and i really think you do a great job. you also remind me of my fathers old job as a farmer when i was a child, with a ford 4000 and the JF forageharvester. thank you for everything, and please continue making these great mods!

  8. These are great mods,I love your attention to detail and the fact that these are realistic,sensible mods. Can you please tell me if I can download the Ford 7000 for fs2013?
    Keep up the good work!

  9. What brand of tractors do ye plan to release next ? Will there be any Massey Ferguson released ?

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