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Welcome to the NI Modding website. We are a small team consisting of four members – alwyn, henly20, knut and rh. We enjoy making and releasing mods for Farming Simulator. Feel free to browse our site to see what we have released and what we currently have as Work in Progress (WIP)

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Springhill Valley – The Springhill Farm Extension


Springhill Valley is an extended version of the popular Springhill Farm map. There are 193 Acres (78 Hectares) of prime agricultural land at your disposal – more than double of Springhill Farm. It is situated within a landscape of rolling hills and tight, twisting roads.

There are three farm yards. The main Springhill Estate farm yard is the home of the dairy cattle, a small farm to the south is the host to the chicken and lamb production. To the east there is a medium sized arable farmyard, while to the west, there is an anaerobic digester plant which helps meet the energy demands of the adjoining village. 

Mod Features 

  • Watermill crash problems which affected poor computers have been fixed
  • Map is Zuhammer mod compatible


Make sure you have updated your game to the latest patch! Patch available here

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic

WIP Springhill Valley

At first there was Springhill Farm, a small estate farm consisting of roughly 80 acres of small to medium sized fields, ideal for smaller machinery. Following the success of this map, we have decided to make a larger version of the map.

Introducing Springhill Valley

Springhill Valley is an extension to Springhill Farm, featuring new farm yard layouts and larger fields, which more than doubles the size of the original Springhill Farm map from 80 acres to 190 acres (78 hectares). While the compact theme from the old map is retained, there is now scope to use larger machinery.

An important update is the removal of the water mill which proved problematic for users with poor quality computers. These users need worry no more. We have also added compatibility for the excellent Zunhammer slurry tanker at the slurry tanks.

The following pictures show only a small selection of the new fields and landscape available.

The original Dairy and Arable farm is solely Dairy focused now

The new dedicated Arable Farm



Remember, this is still Work in Progress; a release date has not been confirmed yet. Keep an eye on our website and twitter feed for updates

Ford Force Conversions


There was a time when Four Wheel Drive wasn’t a factory fitted option on tractors. Independent companies such as County and Roadless made conversions of mainstream 2wd tractors aimed users requiring high traction and pulling ability. The success of these early conversions paved the way for tractor manufacturers to offer 4wd as an “in house” option. Today the majority of tractors are 4wd, with 2wd versions of anything over 60hp being very uncommon. 

Mod Features 

These tractors are 4wd conversions of our Ford Force Tractors. Available here

The pack contains the following tractors:

  • County 754: 75 hp
  • County 944: 94 hp
  • County 1124: 112 hp
  • Doe D150: 2 x 75hp – 150hp
  • Mailam 5001 Crawler – 78hp
  • Roadless Ploughmaster – 75hp

The pack also contains:

  • Dual Wheels trailer
  • Flotation Wheels trailer
  • Bailey Low Loader trailer

Useful hints and tips 

  • The pick up hitch on everything apart from the Mailam 5001 can be moved up and down – Ctrl + V
  • Wheeled tractors also have the choice of a drawbar as well – stand behind the tractor with nothing attached and follow the F1 menu
  • Stand at the front of the Ploughmaster to toggle front weights
  • Dual Wheels are for use with County and Doe Tractors only
  • Flotation wheels are for use with County Tractors only
  • If the original Ford Force tractors are installed, the dual wheels for the Force pack can be used with the Ploughmaster.
  • To add dual wheels, park beside the wheel trailer and press “,” when at a complete standstill
  • The Bailey trailer must be folded down for loading/unloading – press X
  • To install ramps, fold down the trailer and unhook it. Then stand beside the drawbar and press X
  • To lock/unlock the load press O

Make sure you have updated your game to the latest patch! Patch available here

Download Link: Click Here (kindly hosted by fs-uk)

Having trouble with this mod?: Official Support Topic

Ford Conversions Update

It is fair to say that we are getting close to releasing the Ford Force Conversions. However, before we wave goodbye to them we have decided to add a few extra little bits.

Flotation Tyres

Flotation tyres are used by farmers to reduce soil compaction. We’ve added a beefy set of tyres for use on the County 754, 944 and 1124. Simply park your tractor beside the wheel trailer and press the “,” key and the tyres are changed faster than a Formula 1 pit crew can manage.

The standard tyres are then placed in the trailer which can be easily moved around at your convenience.

Dual Tyres

Just like the Flotation tyres, these can be used on the Country tractors, but also with the Doe D150, as shown in the pictures.

Bailey Low Loader trailer

The Bailey low loader trailer is an ideal trailer for transporting the Mailam 5001 crawler, or indeed combine headers and machinery. The trailer folds down to the ground making loading easy. Ramps can be fitted by pressing X while standing beside the front of the trailer.

The trailer then lifts for quick and easy road transportation. No problem Ploughmaster 75

Release Info

No release date is planned as yet. However, keep an eye on our website for release info